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Acido borico

Boric Acid can also be added to vegetable or petroleum oil to make a lubricant that can be used on ceramic and metal surfaces. Boric acid can also be used in the manufacture of textile fiberglass, which is used to reinforce plastics. Boric acid, which has a conjugate base is used to make swimming pool buffers. Property […]

Carbonato di calcio

Calcium Carbonate is also known as calcium lime and is used in coatings, adhesives and plastics. These products are available in a variety of particle sizes. They are known for their low surface area, high brightness, low oil absorption, and low oil absorption compared to other industrial minerals. They can be used to enhance the properties and […]

Cloruro di calcio 83-87%

Property Unit Specification Appearance White Flakes Calcium chloride assay % >83 APPLICATION Calcium Chloride finds uses in various industries. In highway maintenance, Calcium Chloride will melt snow and ice. Calcium Chloride also absorbs moisture found in the air to help with dust formation when dust laying. Calcium Chloride is a source of calcium for production […]

Nanotubi di carbonio

Proprietà Unità Specifica Aspetto Pellet Densità di massa g/cm3 0,120 Diametro medio nm 13 Lunghezza media μm 12 Area superficiale m2/g 186 Purezza % 96

Anidride cloridrica

Chlorendic anhydride is used for abrasion corrosion and flame resistance. These resins are used in composites for boats and construction panels, as well as electrical applications. Chlorendic anhydride can also used to produce epoxy resins, metal adhesive coats, and UV curableinks. Property Unit Specification Chloride (Cl) % 57 Purity % 99 Color 100 Maximum Appearance White Crystalline […]

Ossido di decabromodifenile

Property Unit Specification Appearance Super Class Melting Point °C 6300-310 % 82 Minimum Free Bromine ppm 20 Maximum Lead (Pb) ppm 50 Minimum Iron (Fe) ppm 10 Minimum Volatile % 0.05 Minimum Average Particle Size μm 5 APPLICATION Decabromodiphenyl Oxide is used as a flame retardant for elastomers, wire & cable, textile coatings, electrical & […]

Glicole dietilenico (DEG)

Property Unit Specification Diethylene Glycol wt % 99.0 Minimum Water wt % 0.2 Maximum Iron ppm 1.0 Maximum Color APHA 15 Maximum Ash wt % 0.005 Maximum Distillation Range @ 760 mm °C @ 760 mmhg ling range 242-250 Appearance Clear and Substantially Free of Suspended Matter APPLICATION Diethylene Glycol (DEG) is a widely used […]

Carbonato di dimetile (DMC)

Dimethyl Carbonate is a colorless and fast-evaporating VOC exempt solvent. DMC is a polar solvent with moderate h-bonding power that can be used to replace esters, glycolethers, and ketones in formulations. Similar to MEK or toluene, it has a rapid evaporation speed. It is also low in toxicity and has a pleasant methanol-type odor that does not cause […]

Dipropilene glicole dibenzoato

Property Unit Specification Appearance Clean and Clear Assay % 98 Minimum Moisture % 0.1 Maximum Color APHA 80 Maximum Acidity % 0.1 Maximum Hydroxl Number mg KOH/g 13 Maximum APPLICATION Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate is a polar, high-solvating plasticizer. It is compatible with a wide range of polar polymers and rubbers. Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate is useful […]


Property Unit Specification Purity % 98.5 Minimum Bulk Density gm/cc 0.41 Oxygen % at Atomic Weight 2 Maximum Average Diameter Microns 1-5 Average Thickness, Z Dimention nm 5-10 Average Number of Layers 3-8 Surface Area BET m2/g 150 Minimum APPLICATION Graphene is a crystalline form of carbon arranged in a honeycomb structure in a 1 […]

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