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Aluminiumsulfaat Vloeibaar (IJzervrij)

Waterbehandeling gebruikt vloeibaar aluminiumsulfaat om fosfor te verwijderen en het water helderder te maken. Door neutralisatie van de lading, flocculatie en verwijdering van vaste deeltjes in suspensie kan aluin worden gebruikt om totale organische koolstof uit ruw water te verwijderen. Aluminiumsulfaat vloeibaar kan worden gebruikt bij de productie van papier, kleurstoffen en synthetische katalysatoren. Aluminiumsulfaat kan worden gebruikt voor het verwijderen van kleine [...]

Antimoontrioxide (ATO)

Antimony Trioxide’s main use is as a Flame Retardant. Antimony Trioxide is also useful as an opacifying agent in glass, ceramics, enamels, and specialty pigments. Antimony trioxide is also a catalyst for the formation of polyethylene Terephthalate. Antimony trioxide is used as a flocculant to prevent caking in the production of titanium dioxide. Property Unit Specification Purity % […]

Benzylbutylftalaat (BBP)

Butyl Benzyl Phthalate is a clear oily polymerizer that is fast fusing, high solvating and can be used in many different applications. BBP’s high efficiency makes it compatible with many types of polymers and can be used in a wide range of resins. BBP can be used as a standalone plasticizer or mixed with other general-purpose plasticizers […]

Natronloog 50% - Handelskwaliteit

Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), is a reactive alkali compounds used in both organic as inorganic chemical processes. Caustic Soda can be used in many chemical industries as a basic feedstock. Sodium Hydroxide can be used as an intermediate in the production of solvents, plastics, and adhesives. Because it is a strong base, Sodium Hydroxide can also be used […]

Natronloog 50% - Membraankwaliteit

Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) is a reactive alkali compound used in both organic and inorganic chemical processes. Caustic Soda is used as basic feedstock in a variety of chemical industries. Sodium Hydroxide is used as an intermediate in processes which create solvents, plastics and adhesives. Because it is such a strong base, Sodium Hydroxide is […]

Dibutylftalaat (DBP)

Dibutylphthalate (DBP), is a plasticizer that’s used in adhesives, lacquers, and printing inks. For highly concentrated PVC compounds, dibutylphthalate can be used in secondary plasticizers with other phthalates. DBP can be used as a surface coating, adhesive or printing ink. Property Unit Specification Appearance Clear Liquid Water wt % 0.1 Maximum Color APHA 35 Maximum Ester Content […]

Dicyandiamide (DICY)

Eigenschap Eenheid Specificatie Uiterlijk Wit kristallijn poeder Verlies bij drogen % 0,30 maximaal Onzuiverheid Neerslag Voldoet aan de eisen Residu na Ontsteking % 0,05 maximaal Smeltpunt Bereik °C 209-212 Analyse % 99,5 min TOEPASSING Dicyaandiamide wordt gebruikt als een langzaam vrijkomende meststof. In de lijmindustrie wordt dicyaandiamide gebruikt als uithardingsmiddel voor epoxies. [...]

Dioctyl Maleaat (DOM)

Property Unit Specification Appearance Clear Color APHA 50 Maximum Ester Content % 98.5 Minimum Specific Gravity 0.939-0.945 Moisture % 0.20 Maximum APPLICATION Dioctyl Maleate is a maleic acid that can act as a plasticizer and is used in resins to provide elasticity and flexibility. Dioctyl Maleate is a co-monomer which can be polymerized with vinyl […]

Ethyleendiaminetetraazijnzuur (EDTA)

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is mainly used to bind metal ions in aqueous solution making EDTA useful in a wide variety of uses as a chelating agent. It is used extensively to dissolve limescale. EDTA salts can be used in shampoos, cleaners and other personal care products as stabilizers. EDTA can be added to food to act as a […]

Glyoxal 40

Property Unit Specification Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid Color Pt-Co 10 Maximum Acidity % 0.2 Maximum Content % 40 +/- 0.5 APPLICATION Glycoxal 40 is a versatile crosslinking agent used in a variety of applications including textiles, paper, epoxy curing, cosmetics, oil & gas, and cleaners. GRADES AVAILABLE Technical PACKAGING Dabex Chemicals offers this product packaged […]

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