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Here are some specialties in which we supply corrosion inhibitors, metal working fluids, functional additives, engine coolants, base stocks, and specialty esters to manufacturers of lubricants, cleaners, and corrosion protection products. We assure you that no one can compete with our precision in the market. The experience of ten years at Dabex Chemicals and our associated company NCeed Enterprises makes us the most trusted name in the market of Lubrication & Grease. 


Dabex Chemicals has unique expertise in Plasticizers. We have a vast amount of knowledge of the extensive plastics market. We are not limited to plasticizers; they spread all over the product, such as antimicrobials, release agents, foaming agents, stabilizers, bioplastic resins, purging agents, phthalate, and non-phthalate. Let’s come to us for all kinds of quires and pieces of advice. Make us your moderate supplier and make a splash in the plastic market. Our product will provide you with the best results overall. 


In agriculture, whether it is about crop protection, animal nutrition, and feed or dust control. Yes, we will provide you with endless quality products. Dabex Chemicals understands and fulfill the high agriculture needs of crops. We collaborates with local growers and suppliers to give dynamic results. Suppose your agriculture needs organic and certified products, so you need the best suppliers in the market like Dabex Chemicals. We never compromise the quality of our product at any cost. 


Dabex Chemicals specializes in the field of the Construction industry. There are many kinds of services provided by us in the construction industry, such as coatings, adhesives, flooring finishes, and sealants. We are also experts in paints and roofing. We will provide you with several Acrylic resins, usually used in building and construction.


We understand your desire for cosmetic and personal care products. Dabex Chemicals high-quality organic certified products and provide only safe and reliable products keeping in mind the needs of its customers. And we are proud that we are skilled, flexible, reliable, and honest in our field. Whether you are looking for the correct formulation or a partner for your supply chain, We will understand your requirements and fill them.


Dabex Chemicals has an excellent reputation in the food & beverages space. We directly deal with Baked food and beverage (FCC), Dairy products, and packaged food. Product categories include Leavening agents, Preservatives, Humectants, Sweeteners, Thickeners, Acidulants, Emulsifiers, Leavening agents, etc. We are strongly committed to our customers for safe handling and speedy service.


Dabex Chemicals always deliver high-quality products, such as inks, coatings, paints & adhesive industry. We also serve the best quality raw materials and services; we never compromise the quality of our chemicals at any cost. Our product line has an extensive range for manufacturers of plasticizers, flame retardants, antifoams, retardants, solvents, and corrosion inhibitors.


In the Paper manufacturing, Process, chemicals play a crucial role like raw material preparation or manufacturing of pulp; in each Process, there are different kinds of chemicals used, so the chemicals should be of the highest quality. We offers you defoamers and pigments, including acids, bleaches, and salt. Dabex Chemicals provide a dynamic and high-end quality product.


If you want to fulfill your requirements for Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, you are in the right place. We have a decade of experience in Pharmaceuticals, and our extensive knowledge of the Pharmaceuticals market will make you to the best of the chemical industry. Dabex Chemicals is the name considered to be the most reliable chemical supplier. If you want to ensure high-quality chemicals, then the most trusted name is Dabex Chemicals.


Dabex Chemicals is the most popular name for water treatment products. Water treatment improves the quality of the water. We  precisely know about the environmental problems that we are facing today. It understands the issues water-related in daily life. It cleans the water and uses it for drinking or a specific end-use. Our product line includes water treatment products such as pH adjustors, flocculants, and chlorinators/dechlorination. 

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