Dabex Chemicals

Triethyl Phosphate (TEP)

Property Unit Specification Appearance Colorless, Clear Liquid Assay % 99.5 Minimum Refractive Index 1.405-1.407 Acid Value mg KOH/g 0.05 Maximum Water % 0.2 Maximum Color APHA 20 Maximum APPLICATION Triethyl phosphate (TEP) is useful as a plasticizer for flame resistant unsaturated polyester resins (used for fiberglass), a solvent for varied applications, and an agricultural chemical […]

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is the name that acts as a reagent in many applications such as  in medicine, in rust removal, as a food additive, Water treatment and metal cleaning. It looks like colorless liquid and  rhombic crystals. It is quite milder than other acids like Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid etc. Property Unit Specification […]

Phthalic Anhydride

Phthalate plasticizers is heavily used in the manufacture of phthalate plasticizers, polyester resins, manufacture of PVC and alkyd resins for coating applications, dye, pigments, flame-retardants, marine, and transportation markets. Property Unit Specification Purity % 99.50 Minimum Maleic Anhydride % 0.05 Maximum Color, Molten Pt-Co 40 Maximum APPLICATION Phthalic Anhydride is a chemical intermediate used in […]

Maleic Anhydride

It is very important and useful chemical intermediate in organic synthesis and alkyd resins for paints and coatings. Maleic Anhydride is also used in lubricant, to make downstream derivatives for plastics, drilling mud, copolymers, plasticizers, and the most important production of agricultural chemicals. It acts as a dispersant in drilling mud and Drilling Fluid Additives. […]

Glycerin – 99% USP

Glycerin is many-sided chemical which is used for multipurpose in different fields such as hair conditioning, lubricant, Oral Care, thickener, Perfuming, solvent, viscosity controlling sweetener used in many food, personal care and pharmaceutical. It is found by natural sources, it can be synthetically created or other it can be a byproduct of biodiesel. Property Unit […]

Dicyandiamide (DICY)

There are many uses of Dicyandiamide such as a curing agent for epoxies in adhesive industry. It’s a slow release fertilize and work as a flame retardant additive in paper and textile industries. On the other hand it is used in dielectric coatings, rubber, water treatment chemicals, powder coatings, pharmaceutical and in dye fixing. It […]

Citric Acid, Monohydrate

Citric Acid is used for different purpose in different industries in food industry it is used for Flavours, Food Additives, Standards for Food Regulatory Methods and because of its sour taste it is also used in drinks and food. It is also used for PH adjustment in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Citric is a natural preservative […]

Caprylic Acid

Caprylic Acid is obtained naturally from vegetable oils and some milks,  Because of its natural antimicrobial properties it is very useful sanitizer for food contact surfaces and equipment like wineries, breweries, meat processing plants etc. Its is commonly used in pesticides, lubricants dyes, perfumes and  disinfectants. Property Unit Specification Acid Value 383-390 Saponification Value 384-391 […]

Calcium Chloride 83-87%

Calcium Chloride 83-87% is used in different industries according to their needs such as Construction industries, foods and beverages, petroleum industry, Calcium Chloride also absorbs moisture found in the air and also used in water to lower freezing temperature and will melt snow or ice. So that’s why  it is known as a good moisture […]

Boric Acid

Boric acid is mainly used in vegetable oil and petroleum to make lubricants, Ceramics, and metal surfaces. It is used to make antiseptic for cuts, Insecticides, and minor burns. It can also be used in manufacturing textile fiberglass in reinforced plastics. It is also used in swimming pools because of its conjugate base as a […]

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