Dabex Kimyasalları

Amonyum Polifosfat (APP)

Ammonium Poliphosphate formula is mostly used in adhesives, Paints, chipboard, Cement, Textile coating, Wood, Paper, Foam etc. App Gets decompose when it comes to contact with fire or heat. Polyphosphoric acid reacts with hydroxyl groups to form phosphate esters. Which is non-stationary. A form Of Carbon is built-up on the surface which works as a […]

Antimon Trioksit (ATO)

The use of a antimony trioxide is a flame retardant. Its is mostly used for polymers, textiles and coatings. ATP plays a role of a opacifying agent and also found in specialty pigments. Antimony Trioxide is used in ceramics, enamels, glass and as a catalyst in the formation of polyethylene terephthalate. Its heavily function is […]

Dekabromodifenil Etan

Decabromodiphenyl Ethane have a dynmic thermal stability good UV resistance And low toxicity. It is a flame retardant and used in engineering, wire & cable, thermoset plastics, elastomer, high-impact polystyrene, etc. Property Unit Specification Appearance White Powder Content % 80-82 Whiteness % 87 Minimum Volatile % 0.10 Maximum Average Particle Size μμm 5 Maximum Free […]

Tri (butoksietil) Fosfat (TBEP)

Tri (butoxyethyl) Phosphate can be used in many applications such as salvation, plasticization, defoaming, flame retardancy, chlorinated rubber, plasticizer for PVC. It is good in low temperature flexibility and flame retardant by nature. TBEP is also used in acrylic based polishes, waxes, textile, latex paints and paper industries. Property Unit Specification Appearance Colorless or light […]

Çinko Borat

Zinc Borate is a inorganic boron based halogen-free, multifunctional flame retardant. It is also a smoke suppressant and heavily used in wood, rubber, coatings, polyamides, PVC, polypropylene, epoxy, adhesives, cellulose fibres, plastics and textiles. It is non-toxic and shows high thermal stability. One can see a strong and activating effect of zinc borate, antimony trioxide […]

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